Pre-Primary Activities

  1. Dahihandi and mukut decoration activity

Ongoing of the Covid -19 pandemic, had made us to adapt ourselves completely to the online platform. The occasion of Krishna Janmashtami happened this way too. An interesting activity for Janmashtami was organized in the Pre-Primary section to make students aware and know about the significance of the occasion of Janmashtami. This kind of activities are intended for students to understand the importance of such precious and auspicious festivals.

The students were asked to decorate the “Dahihandi” and its role and importance were explained by the teacher. The students were asked to create “Mukut” of Lord Krishna. The students were made to dress up in GodessRadha (For girls) and lord Krishna (for boys) costumes to enhance the light of occasion. The students were given picture of Lord Krishna

tocolor it. The students were appreciated by teacher.

2. Independence Day

The activity for Independence day was organized in the Pre-primary section to make students understand the significance of the very auspicious occasion for our country.

The activity was conduct via the online platform. The students were asked to make decorative and beautiful tri coloured fans. They were asked to fill our “National Bird” with their hand prints dipped in colours. The students very enthusiastically responded to the activity. Active participation of the students was noted. The students were appreciated and motivated for further activities.

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3. Rakhi Making Activity.

On the occasion of RakshaBandhanthe Pre-Primary section organized an activity on the online platform. The students were explained about the significance of the day and the relation of a brother and sister by their teachers.

The students were asked to make rakhi from absolutely hone made objects. The joyous enthusiastic students gave their best efforts in the activity and sent their art on the class groups. The teachers appreciated and motivated the students for their participation and involvement in this activity.

4. Christmas celebration

The 25th day of December month is marked as Christmas which is believed to be the ‘Birthday’ of Jesus Christ Amidst the pandemic going, students were explained about the significance of the day via online made by their teachers. An activity based on Christmas was conducted online and active participation of students was noted.

The enthusiasm and active participation of the students was appreciated by the teachers motivate the students further encouraging the students even more.

5. Kite Making Activity

The Pre-Primary section organized Kite making activity. The Covid-19 pandemic made us adapt ourselves to the online teaching, learning and exploring and now we did our activities online. We conducted kite and greeting making activity through online mode.

Students were asked to make decorate and beautiful greeting and kites at their homes safely. The little joyous students did put their best efforts in making and decorating the kites. They were explained about the occasion and importance of “MakarSankrant” by the pre-primary teachers.

The Students then sent their made kites and greetings images on the class group and were appreciated by the teachers.

6.Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress competition pre-primary section organized on 26th January 2022. The closes of schools didn’t stop the enthusiastic students from participating on various online activities.

The students were asked to dress colourfully but safely the theme of the fashion show was ‘National Integration. In which the students were asked to dress according to the theme and a short video of themselves saying anything related to their costumes and theme. The students were to send their pictures in various costumes on the class group. Active participation of the little enthusiastic students was noted.

They were encouraged and appreciated by their teachers enhancing their enthusiasm even more.

7. Shapes Activity

A simple activity for better understanding and learning of the concept of shapes was organized. This activity was conducted through online platform but the response from students side was over whelming and made the teacher happy. The students were assigned to make a ‘House ’made of different shapes including triangles, rectangles, circle, square, oval etc. The students understand the task and responed very precisely.

The other part of activity included of ‘Garden’ containing different types of tress with various shapes. The response of students was highly appreciated by the class teacher.

An Appreciation from Principle sir added a cherry on the cake. This activity was also appreciated by other teacher too. The good response from students made it crystal clear that the concept of shapes was clear to them. The students sent their work on the class group.

8. School Reopening

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The day everyone was eagerly waiting for had arrived teachers and students were very excited about this day and so many new plans were set up for the grand welcome of mothers pets to their school back again.

The pre-primary section was beautifully decorated with everything that the kids would love to see and when they were in the school they were welcomed warmly by the teachers principal sir and the non-teaching staff as well obviously the students were hesitant at first but very soon they get involved the environment they have missed so far.

9. Animal Mask Making Activity

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The very important object that we come across in the pandemic was a simple mask. This simple mask protected us from the deadly virus to explain the significance of mask.

The pre-primary section arranged an activity of mask making for the students. The little enthusiastic showed all their creativity and innovation in the making of the mask. They were appreciated and motivated for further growth.

10. Fruits Making With Clay

Pre-Primary section arranged an activity for the students to make fruits shapes fro clay.

The students put all their energy and act in the activity and gave best results. Different types and shapes of fruits were molded by their little hands and it was appreciated by their teachers. This activity was very helpful for motor developing and also

11. Greeting Card Making

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We celebrated Woman Day. Pre-Primary section had organized a card making activity for Woman day. Teacher was guiding the children to make greeting card to using their ideas.

Our beautiful tiny tots made greeting cards for their ‘Mothers’. They were asked to paste paper flower of various colours. They gifted those greeting cards to their Mother. Their Mothers were full of ecstasy.

12. Traffic Signals.

The traffic lights play an important role in road manners of any individual to reflect the significance of this importance an activity related to traffic lights was set up for the students.

The students were explained about the rules of traffic signals and their ways of obeying. The students understood the assignment. They were given to colour the traffic lights and they did their job very well.They were appreciated and motivated by their teacher.

13.Expressing the emotions through emojis

Pre-Primary section conducting the activity of emotions on 2021 different emotions evoke different feeling in our bodies. Students making different types of mas in various emotions for example Happy, Sad, Angry etc. The masks are a great tool for talking about feeling. Mask is a fun one to help students communicate how they are feeling. These social emotional activities are not only fun and engaging for little ones.

They spark essential Social emotional development is the process of learning skills many of these skills are learned during play.

14. Grain Identification Activity

In a Pre-Primary section we take grain Identification activity. We conduct grain pasting activity in virtual classes. Through this activity children’s know about grain and important of grains. Teacher told them the grains are very important in our daily meal. Teacher was explained them how the grain grows? We told them to collect the grains which are available in your house and pasted some grains seed in different shapes and write their name infront grains.

15. Thumb Printing Activity

Print making allows children to try out lots of different techniques and to see cause and effects in action more dramatically than with simply painting or drawings prints with fingers tips and thumb are fun for kids.

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