Jubilee English High School Kumbhari

A Tradition Of Excellence

Why Jubilee School for Excellence?

Our Guardian - Akola Education Society, Akola

The society was established on the auspicious day of LokmanyaTilak Jayanti on 23 July 1927.

The sapling has flourished into a sprawling Banyan tree having multiple branches. At present the society has several educational institutions under its patronage.

Experiential Learning

Role Play
Field Trips
Tree Plantation
Environmental Awareness
Simulation Activities
Open Air Classes

Our Vision

We are enabling students to become valued citizens of the World.” Where the mind is without fear & head is held high”. To facilitate the educational services to the student-community of the region ranging from K.G. to P.G


Our Mission

To develop an all-round personality of our students by:

  1. Providing child-centric learning.
    We want to prepare your child to walk with a rapidly changing world by nurturing their inquisitiveness and giving a novel thinking direction with a respect for the Indian culture and our values and an insight into the global perspective
  2. Encouraging critical thinking.
    Our mission is to facilitate the complete development of all children in a safe environment, to enable every child to develop into a confident, free-thinking global citizen.
  3. Encouraging problem anticipating and problem-solving thinking.
    We seek to empower each student to utilize their potential in their endeavours and inculcate the values of humility, perseverance, honesty, sense of responsibility and legacy.
    To promote individualistic learning by providing ample opportunities and a safe, congenial environment to students, so that they acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to become successful responsible global citizens
  4. Celebrating diversity with cultural activities.
  5. Working towards every aspect, no matter how small.
    Working consistently as a team.

Limitless learning and opportunities

The series of activities that we take place creates momentum in them to learn and excel.

Message from the Principal

Teachers at Jubilee CBSE expose students to diverse practical education as they explore learning as a their interest.

It’s indeed a great privilege to head the institution where the premises is a learning community with a sole aim of creating wholesome confident individual for a healthy society. The students are happy and therefore healthy to receive and enjoy learning to grow all round.

The management, staff, students and parents work together for a congenial atmosphere with the child at the centre. Various activities besides academics keeps the school lively and cheerful. Trained, qualified and skilled staff makes the students competent for a better living and shaping the individuals.

Pre-Primary Education

Pre-Primary education sets the tone of a child’s learning in a nurturing environment. An important phase of their development, these young children deserve all the care and attention as they are initiated in to this new world of learning. At this stage, children are active and curious to learn, and love to play and engage in activities that interest them.

The School’s Pre-Primary curriculum takes into account these aspects and provides every child an environment to enjoy the learning activities.

Pre-Primary School Programme:

  • The curriculum emphasizes holistic development of the child in various domains –  physical, creative,  language, numeracy and general awareness.
  • Play materials give children the opportunity to see, touch, feel and explore.
  • The emphasis is on giving children an atmosphere of freedom .
  • The use of toys and interesting teaching aids, storytelling, role-play, teaching alphabets and numbers through group activities and rhymes are integral to the learning process.
  • Theme based activity rooms provide opportunities to children to develop – motor skills, creativity, imagination, team-work, social skills etc.
  • Festivals and special celebrations help children understand and value cultural heritage and appreciate diversity. 

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